10 Steps To Growing Facial Hair Faster


At five days you can blame a slow start. At ten you can blame your father’s genes. But at twenty? You may be wondering why your face looks more like Michael Cera’s than Wolverine’s.


If you’re wanting to grow facial hair, you’re probably wondering how you can go from peach fuzz to lumberjack while avoiding the unsightly in-between stage – and that’s where our list of hand-picked ways to speed up beard growth comes in.


Follow Spartan Beard and Co.’s 10 Steps To Growing Facial Hair Faster now and your beard will thank you later.


Skin comes first

Taking care of your beard means taking care of your face first. Clean skin encourages small hair to grow, so washing it with warm water and a mild cleanser every morning and evening will ensure your skin is beard-ready.


Along with our Spartan Beard Oil, try a moisturiser containing vitamin B5 – not only is it beneficial for dry winter skin, it also increases circulation, which is essential for growing facial hair.


Get your meditation on

Stress has been linked to hair loss time and time again. Looking to grow some healthy whiskers? Try yoga. Not into that? Try chopping wood or drinking beer or whatever takes you from hot-headed to calm and collected.


Exercise and sleep well

The average adult needs at least six hours sleep to rebuild, repair and grow – and that includes your facial hair. Skip out on essential rest and your beard’s precious growing time may take a hit.


Check for ingrown hairs

No matter how hard you try, beards will not grow in evenly if they’re faced with ingrown hairs. Check your face regularly and rub in a circular motion using a wet cloth to tease out any stubborn ingrown hairs.



Eat well

Hairs grow at their own pace due to a variety of factors – like your diet. Want a healthier beard faster? Start within. Once your whiskers have grown out, it’s impossible to have them become thicker or fuller. Check out our hand-picked meal plan for the best beard-growing foods.


Stop smoking

One of the noted side effects of smoking is hair loss. The smoke from cigarettes hinders the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients needed for hair growth. Looking for a beard that would make Zach Galifinakis tremble? Avoid smoking if you can.



Exfoliate your skin once a week. Removing dead skin cells will promote speedier hair growth.


Get your vitamins

Certain vitamins and minerals help increase the speed of hair growth. Include Vitamin A, B, C and E in your diet to get your best beard faster.


Massage your face

Giving your face a good rub every once in a while may not make hairs magically grow, but it will increase blood circulation, which will stimulate and promote new hair growth.


Fake it until you make it

Patchy? Don’t worry. Obtaining a solid beard takes at least a month. Treat your skin well and allow the areas around the patches to fill out before trimming. Want to achieve beard glory? Keep it short and sharp, which will hide thinner gaps.


If you haven’t used Spartan Beard Oil to help fill in those patches, try our beard balm to smooth out hair and give you the appearance of a fuller, healthier beard.