New To The Bearded Lifestyle? Here’s 9 Things You Need To Know



Beards are more than just cool, they’re an extension of a man’s personality.


They tell a story, make a man look more rugged, respected, and give him gravitas. A beard defines who a man is – which is probably why you’ve started thinking about growing one. But growing out your legend-defining facial hair takes more than just putting away the razor. Growing a good beard takes planning, practice, and most importantly, patience.


Here’s everything you need to know if you’re going shave-free.


1. Expect the ugly
If you’re growing out your beard for the first time, you might hit something called ‘the ugly phase’. Those new to the bearded lifestyle may notice patchy, uneven facial hair that hasn’t yet defined a growth pattern that compliments their jaw line. Don’t worry – this doesn’t happen to everyone, and it’s only temporary. While the scraggly look isn’t exactly attractive, the worst of it is usually over within seven to ten days.

2. Beware the dreaded ‘beard itch’
You’ve finally decided to grow out your face carpet. Your girlfriend is pleased, and so are you. The problem? It itches. A lot. Now your being torn between the promise of a luxurious beard or going mad and shaving it all off. So what do you do? Clean it, condition it, and moisturise it with a good beard oil – like this one.

3. Wash your beard regularly
Washing your beard doesn’t just get rid of the dreaded itch, it also helps your beard grow to its full potential. The first step to growing facial hair is taking care of your face first. This is especially important in the early stages of growth, when trapped skin cells can exuberate itchiness and dandruff and clog up pores. Make sure to scrub your beard several times a week with a cleanser, then gently pat it dry to avoid split ends.

4. Use beard oil
Nothing tames facial hair quite like regular use of beard oil – it’s one of the most essential products that any beardsman can own. If you’re looking to combat dandruff, beard itch, terrible texture and everything in between, beard oil is your new best friend. Try our Nature Blend Beard Oil for healthier, more manageable facial hair.

5. Know how to trim
Has your beard reached it’s desired length? Now it’s time to pull out the toys. Define your neckline with a good set of trimmers before moving on to your cheek line, where you’ll want to trim as high as possible for a crisp look. And don’t forget your moustache. To keep it looking neat, comb the hairs to either side and clip with a trimmer. Then comb them straight down and snip away any strays with a set of trimming scissors – try out ours here.

6. Invest in a quality comb
Buying a comb is not going to break the bank no matter which one you settle on. So why struggle with cheap, poorly made plastic combs that result in static-y, tangled facial hair? The answer: You don’t. Look for a nice wooden one, like our Wooden Beard Comb, which will help distribute oils and detangle your beard’s hair. It’s small enough to fit in your back pocket, and it won’t break if you sit on it.

7. Do not touch
You’ll want to itch, scratch, rub – hell, you may even want to shave the whole thing off, but don’t. Take hold of your willpower and breathe. The general rule of thumb is to wait about four weeks before reaching for the trimmers. This will also help you gain a better understanding of your beard growth and pattern.

8. Sit tight
Your beard may grow fast, or it may grow slow. If you’re growing out a face forest for the first time, have patience. Beards grow at many different growth rates depending on a number of factors, like the environment, your diet, and your genes. – so sit tight and wait for your face to transform. It’ll be worth the wait.

9. Get ready to fall in love
You may have waited what feels a lifetime – or, if you have good genes, no time at all – and you finally have the starting of that luscious, full beard you’ve dreamed about for months. Enjoy it. Your beard is now an extension of your personality – sculpt it, trim it, colour it and fondle it however you want.


If you still have questions, you’ll find lots of helpful beard-related blogs on here that cover everything from maintenance to diet and everything in between.