About us

My name is Jamie Merchant and I am the founder of Spartan Beard co.

As a construction worker I found that after a hard days work the dust and dirt would make my beard dry and coarse. I decided then I wanted to create a beard product designed for the modern day warrior of our time, for the grafters like you and me. for men who dont have the time for extended grooming and just want simple and quick products that please their inner gentleman while allowing them efficiency to get straight back on the battlefield.

And Spartan Beard co was born.

We are based in Newcastle-upon-tyne and have been gratefully running since december 2015. we are a small company consisting of myself and my partner Stacey, she has the strength and patience to assist me along this journey while  enduring my constant Leonidas (This is Sparta) quotes.

Should you like any further information on our products or company please contact us by email: spartanbeardco@gmail.com

Tonight we groom like warriors